Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto assets available in BITPoint and its pairs


Type of Orders Limit Order (offer · limit), Market Order (Order of Market), Order of Stop Loss (Order Stop Loss)
Transaction Unit
BITCOIN (BTC) : 0,0001 BTC
Ethereum ETH : 0,0001 ETH
RIPPLE (XRP) : 0,01X R P

The minimum Tradable amount of each Cryptocurrency will be the minimum transaction unit explained in the box above.

Transaction Schedule 24 hours 365 days (except between 2:00 ~ 2:10 a.m. each day) except temporary maintenance
Guaranteed Transaction Time 24 hours 365 days (except between 2:00 ~ 2:10 a.m. each day) except temporary maintenance
Maximum Allowed Per Transaction Per Client As for Limit Orders orders and Stop Loss orders, we do not establish an upper limit value per order, in terms of Market Orders. We define an upper limit value per order and per Divide, as mentioned below (Including Orders of Stop Loss)

Bitcoin (BTC) (Only for Market orders) : 30 BTC
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) : 20 BCH
Ethereum ETH : 100 ETH
Litecoin (LTC) : 500 LTC
Ripple (XRP) : 30.000 XRP
Expiration of Orders GTC is an abbreviation of “Good Till Cancel”, which means that transactions are only canceled, until the client defines when to do so.
Limit of possession Unlimited
Correction / cancellation of order The limit orders (Limit Orders) and the Stop Loss orders can be reviewed and confirmed and in the same way they can be canceled if the cancellation request is made before the order has been finalized. If the cancellation request is made at the same time the order was executed or terminated, your request can not be processed.
Order Condition In the event that an order is requested for a value higher than the availability of the currency in the Work Book (BITPoint Trading Book) our (“Phill or Kill” Rule of Execution), is the following: The order will be executed for the value available in the Work Book and the rest of the order that represents the value NOT available will be canceled.
Incoming limit order condition Our elimination limit orders are only “orders”
Margin of Calculations From 4pm on the day before Trading until 4pm the same day.
Transaction transfer date Next business day following the contracted date if the contract the date is Saturday and Sunday, it is combined with the transactions on Friday and Monday will be the delivery date.
Collection method of commissions on transactions BITPoint charges the value of the commissions before executing or finalizing each order or transaction.

Schedule Transaction Application

The delivery date of the physical transaction of the virtual currency is the next business day (T + 1) after the date of the contract.

For people who want to start trading with Cryptocurrency

Currently the Cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, are attracting the attention of various investors. The investment in Crypto Assets do not have a minimum amount for people who want to start, so it could be said that barriers to entry are lower than other investment products. In addition, our company also focuses on the Cryptocurrency Exchange service, with FIAT coins. So from the moment you open a Trading account, you can start buying, selling, participating in leveraged transactions and start interacting with global users that are already interacting with the Crypto World. What are you waiting for!

In BITPoint,  additional to the real trade of Cryptocurrencies, we also offer the Leveraged Transactions service, which take advantage of the leverage, to generate large margins; so we believe that we can satisfy a wide range of customers.

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