• I would like to open an account.

You must enter www.bitpoint.com.pa and click the Create an Account button.

There are 2 types of account in BITPoint Panama.


In turn there are 2 profiles for each of these accounts.

  • Account Read-only. In this it is not possible to make trading or buy and sell Crypto Currencies. With this profile you can only check prices and general movements of the Crypto Currencies. To create this profile, you can do it with your full name and email. After you enter them, you will receive an email which Includes a URL to confirm that you are creating the account and with which you are assigned a user and a key to the entry. At the time of the user the system will ask you to change the key.
  • Trading Account. In this profile you can make purchase and sale transactions of Crypto Currencies. To create it, it is imperative that you have already created the read-only profile and Unclick the Verify account button.  In this step it is essential to keep in mind that you must enter the following information.

After you select create account, these are steps to follow

  • In this same step of information entry Personnel, you must Register the bank account to withdraw or buy Crypto Currencies. This It will be the account authorized by BITPoint for you to use FIAT to trade in BITPoint. To do so you must enter the following data, in addition to the bank certificate of the account, which must be an account Own and Local in Panama.

  • Finally, and after entering the entire Documentation, you will receive a mail; Notifying the approval of the creation of your Account, in If the creation has not been successful, you will be sent an email requesting to confirm a document that was not entered or was made erroneously or by notifying that the process It wasn’t successful. This mail may take up to One week (5 working days), which is the maximum time the company takes to do a thorough review of the documents.
  • Important recommendations for Bank Accounts withdrawals

BITPoint at its sole discretion, you may reject any request for withdrawal of funds in the event you consider that there is any movement that compromises the security of the transaction, or that it is a suspicious move in terms of fraud or that it breaches our Policy of AML (against Money laundering). In such a case, BITPoint will notify the applicant through Electronic media on the cancellation of the application. If the application is approved BITPoint will take Up to two (2) business days to make the payment to the requested account.

  • About the opening of accounts in BITPoint Panama

Is it possible that a natural person or company other than a citizen Panamanian Make the opening of an account in BITPoint?

Yes, you can do it. Except companies legally constituted in the United States of America. Not without first clarifying that you must pass and approve the KYC process defined for all customers without exception in BITPoint And What At the time of the sale of Crypto Currencies, ie, at the time you ask to withdraw yourto an account Bank, only You can make it to a previously inscribed account which must be an account Local in Panama.

Can I make the purchase of active crypto from an account that is not registered?

No, as reported in the registration process, only own and local accounts will be approved in

Panama. We will only accept the opening of the account with the name indicated in

The identification document you entered the account creation process. By

Please note that we do not accept account opening with names other than

Your identification Official.

What is an American taxpayer?

People with citizenship or residency in the United States have a fiscal responsibility in the United States. Even if you live in Panama and work in a company Panamanian and you have income in Panama, you must pay taxes to the United States. A U.S. resident under the tax law is the owner of “Green Card (foreign permanent resident in the United States)” or “, the period of stay in the United States for that year is 31 days or more, including that year to Individuals whose total stay in the United States During the Last three years is 183 days or more. “

Can I open More of an account?

No, you can only register 1 account per person. If multiple accounts are identified for the same user, they will be blocked.

Does it cost the opening From an Account?

No, the opening of the account is free. Please be aware that fees are charged for the transactions executed, which you can find in our fees and Commissions section.

Can I open an account for companies or corporate users?

Yes, it is possible to open an account on behalf of a company. for which in our HOME you must give Click In http://bitpointlatam.com/registrate/

I can Create an account if I am under age? Is there an age limit for opening the account?

We do not accept the opening of accounts for minors. The minimum age for opening an account is 18 years, as indicated by the country’s constitution.

What documents should I enter if I am a company and I want to open a corporate account?

For the opening of corporate accounts, companies like individual users will go through a process of KYC (Know to your client) in which all necessary security validations will be performed before approving a trading account and you will be asked to load documents.

* Complete Ombre and the charge of the authorized person.

*Required email Address

*Company’s full name required

*Type of business required

*Brief description of the company’s business type

*Registered Address required

*Main Operation Address

*Official website

*Company registration number/commercial tax issued by the government.

* If there is, enter the link to the Government registry website.

*Authorized Contact/Operating Contact

*Name and position of contact person required

*Please enter the full name and position of the contact person.

*Phone number of authorized persons required

*Add the prefix ‘ + ‘ and the country code in front of the number. e.g. + 14155552671

*Authorized person’s Email required

*Charge of the authorized person

*Please provide the full name and charge of the authorized person. The operative person will be the one to make transactions and make deposits or withdrawals from the corporate account. Tell us the purpose of opening a corporate account at BITPoint

*Source of funds to be used to finance the account

* Provide the bank certificate of the company account that authorizes to make transactions in BITPoint. Do this when you send the form.

Learn about Speculate/InvestConvert Bitcoins minedSendMake paymentsReceive paymentsProcess third party paymentsProcessing remittances from third partiesTrade for third parties

*Planned trading


*Expected daily Deposit Value

* Please note that the unit can be given in any of the Coins offered at BITPoint Panama

Value expected daily withdrawals

* The basic daily withdrawal limit is 100 BTC, when your corporate trading account is approved. If you want to have a higher daily withdrawal limit, provide the exact amount.


*Certificate of Incorporation or constitution of the company required

*Card Or passport of the majority partner (s) (s) required

*Memorandum, association document/Incorporation required

*Address statement Required

*Declaration of beneficiaries required

*Identification Tax Required

*Account certificate Bank This must be registered to your company name and must be a local account in Panama.

Are there any accounts Corporate Read-only at BITPoint Panamá?

No.When corporate accounts are opened, the KYC confirmation process is carried out and if satisfactory, the trading account will be approved.

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