Token Listing

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Please note that Future listings and delistings on BITPoint will be based on the general principles below.

Product quality evaluation

  • Open-source code – a detailed review by parties not related to the core development team.
  • Prototype – the presence of a well-functioning alpha or beta producto to be checked by the public.
  • Security – a demonstrated chain of improvements in the code after each disclosure of vulnerability

Founders and Leadership

  • Team – the evaluation of the engineering team’s capability.
  • Operations – the evaluation of proper budget allocation and proper fund management.


Roadmap – a clear itinerary showing all key development stages.

Practical Applications – the future use of the product is clearly explained.

Type of Blockchain – the product can be seen as a separate blockchain with a new architecture or it is built on the basis of an existing blockchain


Legislative Framework – the asset cannot be classified as a security under any legal framework.

Market Liquidity

Global Market Capitalization – the market capitalization of the company compared to market capitalization of peers on the market.

Circulation – total amount of tokens/coins in circulation.

Customer Demand – the product is tailored to fully meet customer demands and expectations

Developers and Contributors – a growing number of developers and contributors alongside the increase in the scale of the project

Community Activity – the team actively communicates with customers in various channels,

Crypto Economics

Type of Token – the token is protected from scammers and theft of funds thanks to strict security measures taken by the company.

Ethics or Code of Conduct & Transparency – ethical standards the company sticks to should be included in the white paper or the project website.


BITPoint reserves the right to remove any token from the Exchange for any reason, prior to a notification period.

BITPoint shall review the following factors while taking a decision to delist a token or remove it from the market:

  1. Standards introduced by the regulator or compliance-related issues
  2. Serious abuse during the use of the tokens or a poor reception by the community
  3. Defects or faults occur in the blockchain or related technology
  4. A limited trading volume on the exchange, a detection of a suspicious trading activity
  5. Experience with token applicant, team and their handling of information requests
  6. Cases of violation of terms and conditions of Covesting’s token listing agreement