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New trading tool that shows transactions in real time and their confirmation on trend lines and graphics, all on one screen

BITPoint ADVANCE is a trading tool designed to quickly access pricing information such as charts, Book of orders, price movement, contracts, position information, executed transactions, etc. All of this on the same screen. In addition, Spot trading operations and leveraged transactions can be observed, without the need to download or install new applications. Also, from the moment we developed this great tool, we did so thinking about the advanced users, who are great connoisseurs of the world of trading and active crypto, as for users who are just entering the crypto world, this To make it easy for everyone to understand.


BITPoint Trading WEB Tool

Image: BITPoint Advanced display Image

Recommended Operating Environment


MicrosoftEdge/InternetExplorer 11 or Chrome latest Version/Firefox latest version


Safari Latest Version/Chrome latest version Firefox latest version

Recommended screen Size

1920px × 950p

x * The minimum resolution necessary for when using a desktop PC is 1024px × 768px

Wide range of leveraged transactions up to 25 times

WEB Trading Tool

Consolidated Balance Zone

Real time transactioning workflow

Transactional Zone

WEB Trading Tool

In this easy-to-access tool, crypto currencies can easily be reformed from a personal computer or Smartphone

Spot Trading transactions and leveraged transactions

Confirm the current balance of crypto currencies in your account

Tool to receive crypto currencies

Tool to transfer Crypto Assets

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